Kids and adult murals

Peter has been painting murals over a decade since his daughter Hannah was a year old. Painted with (non-toxic) acrylic paints, you can transform a bedroom or playroom into a unique canvas populated with your child’s favourite characters, whether they are Manga teens or Mickey Mouse. Special finishes are available, such as metallic and even magnetic paints (great for a space mural for sticking on those magnetic spaceships!).
Adults are not left out as Peter has painted tattoo-style dragons for adult bedrooms to tailormade floral designs for a conservatory. Transform your working space too. Bring to life aspects of your business in a way that engages both visitors and employees.
Individual ‘cut-out’ one-off murals can take as little as a day to paint, whereas more complex ones (with backgrounds) take longer, depending on complexity. The Nickelodeon character examples shown below had to be painted in a weekend makeover!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

A bedroom makeover for Nickelodeon

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